As an Indie writer, we know how hard it is to write, edit, proofread and promote your novel, play, poetry or screenplay. Tuscany Bay makes it very affordable to have your manuscript professionally edited, and we know, if you need one thing as a writer, especially an Indie Writer, it's a good, affordable editor. 

Our rates are simple. After an initial investment of, $250.00, our program is suprisingly easy. Tuscany Bay Books and Black Dog Publishing, based in Ventura County in Southern California, has a better idea and have launched a new program to help new authors put their words to page, their book on a shelf and make their dreams come true. And at a royalty rate of 40% of earned royalties to the author – four times that offered by traditional publishers – because we believe that royalties should flow to the author. Now, books you purchase directly or books ordered in bulk, the royalty rate is much different for each author. 

 We even offer access to a professional editor and a book cover creator at a very affordable discounted rate for those authors who don’t wish to go through the process and expense of finding their own professional editor and cover artist, of course you are certainly welcome to do just that.

 Contact us today for more information and how we can help get you started on the path to becoming an Independently Published Author. We offer assistance with ISBN Numbers or Copyrights, we can and will assist you with that. Give us a call and find out just how affordable we are. Please remember, it takes at least three editing sessions and proofreading to get your manuscript ready. Our initial investment of $250.00, will cover your initial twenty (20) books once your project has been completed.


We'll even give you the best advice for copyrighting your manuscript upon request.

​Our goal is to give you and your manuscript the very best service we can without taking out a bank loan and let you feel the thrill of seeing your book on your shelves and those of your friends and readers.


About Our Company

What We Offer

Black Dog Publishing  DBA  Tuscany Bay Books

  Black Dog Publishing came into existence by the need to offer editing, proofreading and publication services to beginning and newer authors only  without a publisher. It's hard enough to write it, let us help you get it on a shelf.

  Having gone through the discovery process and realizing how expensive editing and proofreading can be, Black Dog Publishing has devised a simple program to allow new authors to have their books, etc., edited and proofread professionally.

  So, if you're a new writer and would like help navigating the publishing industry, feel free to email or call Black Dog Publishing. We would love to have you, but more, to help you.

   With this in mind, in June of 2017, Black Dog Publishing and Tuscany Bay Publishing became Black Dog Publishing DBA Tuscany Bay Books. Under this fine label you will have a book, manuscript, or script in which you can be proud. This is where Indie writers come to see their dreams come alive!!!