So, you have written your first book!

                       Black Dog Publishing is now: Tuscany Bay Books

Black Dog Publishing  DBA  Tuscany Bay Books

   What do you do now? If you are a first-time author – a novel, a screenplay, poetry or even non-fiction – putting your story down on paper is just the beginning. Getting your words into the hands of readers – and putting money into your bank account - is the ultimate goal.
   But in today’s Traditional Publishing world, it has become harder and harder for first-time authors to land a publishing contract and get their books on the bookshelves. Even in the rare cases when a first-timer is taken on, the majority of the marketing work to sell the book is left up to the author, who has better things to do than be a salesperson, such as writing their next book. 

   We know you have worked hard at writing, and we, at Black Dog/Tuscany Bay will never make light or try to change any element of your story. We are here to simply assist you in getting the very best manuscript possible for final printing, of which we can also be of assistance.

   So, whether it's editing, formatting, proofreading, copyrights, ISBN's or printing your book, you'll find it all here at Tuscany Bay Books! If you are an Indie writer, this is where you want to be!

​   Where Indie writers come to see their dreams come true!


Black Dog Publishing is now 

Tuscany Bay Books